Music History

Brief History:

Born & Raised in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

As a child growing up, I spent most of my time on my parents farm rounding up cattle (if I wasn’t at school that is) which was my Fathers passion, (working the farm) although I liked being amongst the cattle, my only true passion and calling was to my music, I have my Mother to thank for this.

With my Mother and her Mother and Father being of Irish and Italian decent, I guess she played a big part in the Musical influence of my family, when I was about 3 years of age, all I can remember is that beautiful sound of the Violin, (My Mother Played 2nd Fiddle in the Lismore Orchestra at the time).

As well as the sounds of the Irish Jigs and Reels stemming from my Mothers fathers side (Violin), we as a family had the European Italian flavour of the Piano Accordion.

Learning Music:

As children we all had a minimum of 2 years Piano lessons, taught to us by members of the Catholic Presentation Sisters of St Carthages Parish, Lismore.

After 2 years at the Piano, myself and my siblings were able to choose an instrument of their liking, I chose the Saxophone, I started playing the Saxophone when I was in 3rd grade at Primary School at 9 years of age.

Whilst learning the Saxophone, I had some pretty awesome Teachers:

“Gordon Yemm”, “Kel Mackintosh”, “Jamie Travallion” and not to mention “Peter Fine”, all of these teachers I owe a huge credit to.

Later towards my early teens, my self and my family members joined the “Lismore City Concert Band”, whilst playing with this band, we got to travel around a bit performing at various functions and not forgetting the Australia Day and ANZAC day Marches.

It wasn’t until my early High School years, I started taking an interest in playing the Guitar, intertwined with these years was one of the other interests I had, and that was the Drum kit, I started learning how to play the Drum kit when I was 10 Years of age.

Going as far as completing Year 11 at High School, I then decided to venture out into the Entertainment Industry and join several bands performing as a Drummer at various pubs and clubs.

As well as being part of the band scene, I took an Interest in the “Production Sound and Lighting” industry, volunteering my time to a Company in Lismore, operating under the name of “Sound Solution”.

Sound Solution, owned by Tim and Bev Carlyle, these loving people taught me everything their was to know about the sound and lighting industry.

In conjunction with “Sound Solution”, Lismore’s music agency “Encore Entertainment” (as it was known then, than changed it’s name to “HBM Entertainment”) gave me the opportunity to work along side some of the music industries finest talents.

As Follows:

“Adam Brand”, “Troy Cassa-Daley”, “Lee Kernaghan”, “Tanya Kernaghan” and “Kieth Urban”,  just to name a few.

I was an on road drumtech for “Lee Kernaghan’s Hat Tour” Casino and Grafton, New South Wales, Australia.

As a Drummer, the bands that I have performed with are:

“State of Mind” – Lead Vocals and Guitar -“Matthew Parmenter”, Bass – “Matt Peterkin”.

“Lovedogs” – with former keyboard player of “ICEHOUSE”, Tony Llewellyn.

As a Bass Player,

Irish Celtic Group “Tane” – Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

“Remedy” – Matthew Parmenter – Lead Vocals and Guitar, Matt Mooney – Drums



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