3 comments on “DRUMTECH’S – Customer Testimonials

  1. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a drum kit? Well, it’s a lot fun! I’ve been taught by the professional drum teacher Brendan. Through his teachings I can now successfully play a steady rock beat. Cheers


  2. I had always wanted to play the drums, but thought I would not be able to manage all the techniques you needed to do so. I was given Brendan’s name and started having lessons with him. As well as Brendan making it so enjoyable, his professionalism and excellent teaching methods have made me a much better player. Elizabeth


  3. Brendan’s been teaching our son for a few weeks, and we’re impressed. His professionalism can’t be faulted, and our son is always keen to get to his lesson. And, more remarkably, even to practise!


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